Megan Affonso

Clear, intelligent & reassuring

Asian/Neutral 20-30s - 'Whitechapel', 'Alive', 'Some Girls'

View Profile

Adeel Akhtar

Matey, calm & considered

20-30s - 'The Night Manager', 'River', 'Utopia', 'Four Lions'

View Profile

Yasmine Akram

Soothing & sexy with comedy

Irish 30s - 'Unforgotten', 'Sherlock', 'Stella'

View Profile

Nikki Amuka-Bird

Calm, authoritative & intimate

NEW VOICE 30s - 'Inside No.9', 'Luther', 'Survivors'

View Profile

Anna Andresen

Trusting, bright & animated

NEW REEL RP/Danish 20-30s - 'Fortitude', 'Miss Marple', 'Silent Witness'

View Profile

William Andrews

Charming & familiar with irony

30s - 'Broadchurch 2', 'Gary: Tank Commander', 'Will & Greg'

View Profile

Jack Ashton

Warm, welcoming & easygoing

NEW VOICE Bristol/Neutral 30s - 'Call the Midwife', 'Broadchurch', 'Endeavour' NEW REEL SOON

View Profile

Rebecca Atkinson

Friendly, lively & decisive

Northern 20-30s - ‘Shameless’, ‘River City’, ‘Road kill’

View Profile

Rosalind Ayres

Characterful, playful & bright

30s-70s - ‘Outnumbered’, ‘Taking The Flak’, ‘The Royal’

View Profile

James Bachman

Wry & confident with Versatile comedy characters

RP 30s - 'Transformers 4', 'Rev', 'That Mitchell & Webb Look'

View Profile

Elliot Barnes-Worrell

charismatic, smiley & dynamic

London 20s - 'Jericho', 'Agatha Christie's Poirot', 'Dr Who'

View Profile

Jamie Barron

Bright & warm with plenty of depth

40s - 'Betty Blue Eyes', 'Jonathan Creek', 'Judge John Deed'

View Profile

Keith Barron

Engaging, sharp & inimitable

Yorkshire 70s - 'DCI Banks', 'Watson & Oliver', 'Benidorm'

View Profile

Lynda Barron

Gravelly, homely & full of mirth

NEW VOICE Northern 60s - 'Eastenders', 'Fat friends', 'Open All Hours'

View Profile

Jamie Beamish

Animated, easygoing & friendly

NEW VOICE Irish 30s - 'The Merchant's of Venice', 'London Irish', 'Hanna' NEW REEL

View Profile

Emily Beecham

Smooth, assured & trusting

NEW VOICE RP 30s - 'The Village', 'Damages', 'The Street'

View Profile

Tom Bennett

Immensely likeable, friendly with comedy

20-30s - 'Love & Friendship', 'Family Tree', 'Phoneshop'

View Profile

Skye Bennett

Youthful, bright & versatile

NEW VOICE American/Neutral 20s - 'A Boy's Guide', 'Any Human Heart', 'The Pillars of the Earth'

View Profile

Dave Berry

Cool, charming, bloke next door

30s - Presenter

View Profile

Michael Bertenshaw

Gravelly, distinguised & characterful

NEW VOICE RP/Northern - 'Silent Witness', 'Miliband of Brothers', 'Murderland'

View Profile

Tony Blackburn

Easy listening, warm & reassuring

NEW VOICE - Legendary radio presenter

View Profile

Little Boots

Breathy, soft & ethereal

NEW VOICE Northern/Neutral - Singer Voice reel coming soon

View Profile

Joe Bor

Gruff & matey with great comedy

NEW VOICE London 30s - 'Alan Carr Chatty Man', 'Mock the Week', 'The Graham Norton Show'

View Profile

Hollie-Jay Bowes

Lively, edgy & fresh

Northern 20s - 'Hollyoaks', 'Stepping Up', 'Casualty'

View Profile

Bekka Bowling

Animated, chatty & comedic

20s - 'Top Coppers', 'Episodes', 'The Wrong Mans'

View Profile

Sian Brooke

Gentle, clear & easy going

RP/London 30s - 'Not Safe For Work', 'Man Down', 'Lewis'

View Profile

Milanka Brooks

Alluring, clear & husky

RP/Neutral 20-30s - 'Boy Meets Girl', 'Benidorm', 'Boomers'

View Profile

Lorraine Bruce

Characterful, down-to-earth & fun with amazing accents

NEW REEL Northern 40s - 'Lucky 7', 'The Syndicate', 'The Royle Family'

View Profile

James Buckley

Cheeky popular lad

London 20s - 'The Pyramid', 'The Inbetweeners', 'Rock n Chips'

View Profile

Saskia Butler

Natural & chatty girl next door

30s - 'Eastenders', ‘Enron’, ‘Lost in Austen’

View Profile

Justine Cain

Kittenish, bright & sweet sounding

Northern/Neutral 20s - 'Edge of Heaven', 'Some Girls', 'WPC 56'

View Profile

Gemma Cairney

Bubbly, husky & cool

20s - BBC1 Radio Presenter

View Profile

Richie Campbell

Characterful, urban & cool

London & African 20s - 'The Frankenstein Chronicles', 'Waterloo Road', ‘Anuvahood’

View Profile

Cheryl Campbell

Refined, precise & classical

50-60s - 'Dr Foster', ‘Breathless’, ‘Fantabulosa’

View Profile

Alex Carter

Cheeky & full of character- a natural comic

Northern 20s- 'Cuffs', 'In With the Flynns', 'Hollyoaks'

View Profile

Daniel Casey

Cheerful, natural & friendly

NEW VOICE Northern 30-40s - 'Marchlands', 'George Gently', 'Midsomer Murders'

View Profile

Keir Charles

Warm, charismatic & wry

NEW REEL 30s - ‘Green Wing’, ‘Peep Show’, ‘Elling’

View Profile

Asim Chaudhry

Funny, likeable & characterful

NEW VOICE London 20s - 'Hoff The Record', 'W1A', 'People Just Do Nothing'

View Profile

Paul Clayton

Big, rich & deep

50s - 'Him & Her', 'Peep Show', 'The Queen'

View Profile

Camille Coduri

Bubbly & utterly charming

30-40s - 'Edge of Heaven', ‘Him and her’, ‘Doctor Who’

View Profile

Martin Compston

Natural, cool & edgy

Scottish 20s - 'Line of duty', 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed', 'Sweet Sixteen'

View Profile

Louisa Connolly-Burnham

Husky, friendly & confident

NEW REEL 20s - 'Call the Midwife', 'Wolfblood', 'House of Anubis'

View Profile

Paul Copley

Intimate, animated & cosy

Yorkshire 60s - 'Code of a Killer', 'Inside No 9', 'Downton Abbey' Very experienced narrator

View Profile

Fergus Craig

Laid back & wry with great comedy characters

30s- 'Hoff The Record', 'The Wrong Mans', 'Cardinal Burns'

View Profile

Maria Teresa Creasey

Sexy, cool low tones

American 30s - 'The Amazing World of Gumball'

View Profile

Matt Cross

Characterful, easy-going & sympathetic

Northern 20s - 'Trance', 'Misfits', 'Shameless'

View Profile

Bob Cryer

Reassuring, warm & gravelly

40s - 'The Interceptor', 'Eastenders', 'Holby City'

View Profile

Robert Davide

Laid back, gruff & magnetic

American 30s - 'Doctor Who', 'Law & Order', 'Rome' FILM TRAILER VOICE

View Profile

Evie Dawnay

Sexy & elegant

30s - ‘Victory’, ‘The Persians’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

View Profile

Rosie Day

Light, enthusiatic & youthful

NEW REEL RP teens - 'All Road's Lead to Rome', 'Cuffs', 'Ironclad: Battle for Blood'

View Profile

Andy Day

Energetic, friendly & loveable

London 30s - 'Justin & Friends', 'Andy & Mike's Tick Tock Time Machine', 'Andy's Wild Adventures'

View Profile

Fern Deacon

Clear, natural & thoughtful

NEW VOICE Teens - 'Fungus The Bogeyman', 'The Enfield Haunting', 'Call the Midwife'

View Profile

Ned Dennehy

Characterful, powerful & unusual

NEW VOICE Irish/RP 40s - 'Dickensian', 'Peaky Blinders', 'The Tudors'

View Profile

Alexander Devrient

Luxurious & measured with gravitas

German 30s - 'Emmerdale', 'Seventh Soldier', 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows'

View Profile

Shaun Dingwall

Blokeish, cool & friendly

NEW VOICE 30-40s - 'Maigret', 'The Driver', 'Above Suspicion'

View Profile

Lisa Diveney

Reassuring, sultry & friendly

NEW VOICE Welsh/Neutral 20s-30s - 'Grantchester', 'Call the Midwife', 'Injustice'

View Profile

Richard Dixon

Rich & comforting with irony

NEW VOICE 50s - 'The Suspicions of Mr Whicher', 'The Devil's Whore', 'The King's Speech'

View Profile

Jack Donnelly

Likeable, charming & engaging

20s - 'United We Fall', 'Atlantis', 'Misfits'

View Profile

Amanda Donohoe

versatile, warm & sultry

NEW VOICE RP 40-50s - 'Toast of London', 'Emmerdale', 'LA Law'

View Profile

Brian Dowling

Lovable, distinct & full of charm

Irish 30s - 'Big Brother', 'This Morning', 'SMTV Live',

View Profile

James Dreyfus

Characterful, clever with irony

40s - 'Mount Pleasant', 'Gimme Gimme Gimme', 'The Thin Blue Line'

View Profile

Blythe Duff

Comforting, distinct & sincere

NEW REEL Scottish 40-50s - 'Taggart'

View Profile

Bart Edwards

Likeable, inspiring & vibrant

NEW VOICE 20-30s - 'Peep Show', 'Call the Midwife', 'Fresh Meat'

View Profile

Marc Elliott

Chatty, intelligent & relaxed

NEW VOICE 20-30s - 'City of Angels', 'Midsomer Murders', 'Eastenders'

View Profile

Robert Emms

Honest, approachable & friendly

20s - 'Happy Valley', 'Capital', 'Atlantis'

View Profile

Darren Evans

Energetic & immensely likeable

Welsh 20s - 'My Mad Fat Diary', 'Being Human', 'Submarine'

View Profile

Yasmin Evans

Bright, engaging & friendly

Northern 20s - BBC1 Radio 1Xtra Presenter

View Profile

Jade Ewen

Playful, clear & confident

NEW VOICE London/Neutral 20s - 'Casualty', 'Steffi', 'Myths'

View Profile

O-T Fagbenle

Commanding, distinct & cool

NEW VOICE London/Neutral/Nigerian 30s - 'The Interceptor', 'Looking', 'Walter's War'

View Profile

Alfie Field

Youthful & confident with great accents

Neutral/Northern - 'Chasing Shadows', 'Siblings', 'The Woman in Black'

View Profile

Perry Fitzpatrick

Effortlessly cool with loads of gravitas

Northern - 'This is England 90', 'The Mill', 'Peaky Blinders'

View Profile

Jessica Forrest

Excitable, husky & sweet

NEW REEL Northern 20s - 'Dani's Castle Series 3', 'Coronation Street, 'Hollyoaks'

View Profile

Kerry Gilbert

Clear & confident with fun comedy characters

20-30s - 'Prank Show', 'Dick & Dom's Funny Business', 'Life of Riley'

View Profile

Chiara Goldsmith

Soothing & clear with amazing characters

NEW VOICE RP/Italian - Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde', 'At the Tree Line', 'The Lamb'

View Profile

Ivan Gonzalez

Charming & pally with great comedy

NEW VOICE 20-30s - 'Max & Ivan', 'W1A', 'The Mimic'. Fluent Spanish

View Profile

Andrew Gower

Genuine, engaging & unconventional

Northern 20-30s - 'Capital', 'The Village', 'Being Human'

View Profile

Trystan Gravelle

Conversational, real & friendly

Welsh 30s - 'Mr Selfridge', 'Anonymous', 'Stella Days'

View Profile

Lisa Greenwood

Clear, bright & youthful

NEW VOICE London/Neutral Teens-20s - 'Call the Midwife', 'Eastenders', 'The Hour'

View Profile

Sandy Grierson

Natural, cool & versatile

Scottish 30s - 'Tonight with Sandy Grierson', 'Rhetoric'

View Profile

Tamzin Griffin

Warm, relaxed & reassuring

40s - ‘A Dog’s Heart’, ‘Our Class’, ‘Smack the Pony’

View Profile

Ricky Grover

Distinct comedy bloke

London 30-40s - 'Being Human', 'Eastenders', 'Orrible'

View Profile

Emma Hall

Husky, alluring & engaging

NEW VOICE RP 20s - 'Jacob', 'The Awakening'

View Profile

Olivia Hallinan

Bright, Clear & intelligent

NEW VOICE RP 20-30s - 'The Paradise', 'Lark Rise to Candleford', 'Sugar Rush' NEW REEL

View Profile

Johnny Harris

Inimitable, edgy & cool

London 30s - 'From Darkness', 'Fortitude', 'This is England 86'

View Profile

Lesley Hart

Husky, genuine & intimate

Scottish 20-30s - 'Bob Servant', ‘Fast Romance’, ‘Casualty’

View Profile

Ian Hart

Casual, knowledgeable & warming

Northern 30-40s - 'The Last Kingdom', 'The Driver', 'Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone'

View Profile

Jo Hartley

Soft, cute & original

Northern 30s - 'Eddie the Eagle', 'This is England 90', 'The Mimic'

View Profile

David Hartley

Mellow with a playful spark

Northern 20-30s - 'Holby City', 'Dr Who', 'The Amazing Mrs Pritchard'

View Profile

Will Hartley

Familiar & cheery with amazing characters

20-30s - 'Clever Peter', 'FIT', 'Cardinal Burns'

View Profile

Nigel Havers

Distinguished, imtimate & charming

50-60s - 'Coronation Street', 'Downton Abbey' , 'Chariots of Fire' NEW REEL

View Profile

Julia Haworth

Chirpy, trusting & comforting

NEW REEL Northern 30s - 'Monroe', ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Mersey Beat’

View Profile

Kerrie Hayes

Genuine, fresh & believable

NEW REEL Northern 20s - 'The Mill', 'Good Cop', 'Black Mirror'

View Profile

Philip Hill-Pearson

Genuine, laddy & cool

NEW VOICE Yorkshire 20-3s - 'No Offence', 'Good Cop', 'United'

View Profile

Amy Hoggart

Youthful, chirpy comedy

NEW VOICE 20s - 'Almost Royal', 'Crackanory', 'Bad Teeth'

View Profile

Nick Holder

Characterful, down-to-earth & good humoured

NEW VOICE Birmingham 40s - 'London Road', 'The Game', 'Peaky Blinders'

View Profile

Alex Hope

Approachable, confident & trusting

NEW VOICE Scottish 20s - 'Rapunzel', 'Outlander', 'The History Boys'

View Profile

Charlotte Hudson

Confident, Bright & engaging

30s Neutral/Northern - ‘Dinner Date', 'Brainiac', 'Bruiser'

View Profile

London Hughes

Energetic, playful & husky

NEW REEL London 20s - 'Scrambled', 'It's A Lot', 'For the Win'

View Profile

Storm Huntley

Chirpy, energetic & charming

NEW VOICE Scottish - 'The Wright Stuff', STV Glasgow', 'The Riverside Show'

View Profile

Martin Jarvis

Legendary, versatile & charismatic

'Law & Order', 'Poirot', 'Eastenders', 'Titanic', 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo', 'Just William'

View Profile

Tina Jones

Easy going, husky & elegant

50-60s - ‘Maisie Raine’, ‘The Bill’, ‘Heartbeat’

View Profile

Finn Jones

Lively, natural & charming

20s - 'Game of Thrones', 'The Sarah Jane Adventures', 'Hollyoaks'

View Profile

Richard Katz

Brilliantly versatile, Witty & droll

30-40s - 'The Honourable Woman', 'Ambassadors', 'Hyperdrive'

View Profile

Daisy Keeping

Youthful, animated & sweet

Welsh/RP 20s - 'Humans', 'Neverlake', 'Holby City'

View Profile

Lauren Kellegher

Bright, feisty & familiar

Geordie 20s - 'Jumping Puddles', 'Lee Nelson's Well Good Show', 'The Ferryhill Philosophers'

View Profile

Luke Kempner

Natural & wry with great impressions

NEW VOICE 20-30s - 'Luke Kempner's Impression of 2015', 'Murder in Successville', 'America's Got Downton'

View Profile

Ellie Kendrick

Conversational, friendly & charming

20s - 'Game of Thrones', 'Being Human', 'The Diary of Ann Frank'

View Profile

Arinze Kene

Matey, genuine & fresh

London/Nigerian 20s - 'The Pass', 'Youngers', 'Freestyle'

View Profile

Alexia Khadime

Young & bright

20s - 'Book of Mormon',‘Les Miserables’, ‘Wicked'

View Profile

Alexander Kirk

Friendly, wry comedy

Northern 40s - 'The Detectorists', 'Mount Pleasant', ‘Jam & Jerusalem’

View Profile

Kadiff Kirwan

Enthusiatic, endearing & warming

NEW REEL London 20s - 'Chewing Gum', 'Crims', 'Call the Midwife'

View Profile

Greg Kolpakchi

Credible, trusting & quietly confident

RP/London/Russian - 'Vera', 'Strike Back', 'Waterloo Road'

View Profile

Julian Kostov

Versatile & warm with grit

NEW VOICE 20-30s American - 'Ben Hur', 'Young Rambo: A Passage to hell', '24: Live Another Day',

View Profile

Eric Lampaert

Energetic, charismatic & comedic

NEW VOICE London 20s - 'Boomers', 'The Midnight Beast', 'Cardinal Burns' Fluent French

View Profile

A.J Langer

Husky, clear & welcoming

American 30s - 'Private Practice', 'My So Called Life', 'Seinfeld'

View Profile

Shazad Latif

Intelligent with gravitas & comedy

RP 30s - 'Penny Dreadful', 'Toast of London', 'Spooks'

View Profile

Tony Law

Quirky & whimsical comedy

Canadian/US 30-40s - 'Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipes', '8 out of 10 Cats', 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'

View Profile

Amanda Lawrence

Friendly & soft with lots of character

Neutral/Northern 30-40s - 'Mr Selfridge', 'Dead Boss', 'Little Dorrit'

View Profile

Helen Lederer

Warm & clever comedy

40-50s - 'Hollyoaks', ‘Horrid Henry’, ‘Absolutely Fabulous’

View Profile

Iain Lee

Cheeky, confident & assured

NEW VOICE 30s - 'This Morning', 'Big Brother's Little Brother', 'The 11 0'Clock Show'

View Profile

Victoria Liddelle

Up-beat & confident

Scottish 30-40s - 'Bob Servant', ‘Case Histories’, ‘Garrows Law’

View Profile

Skye Lourie

Crisp, etherial & quirky

NEW VOICE RP 20s - 'No Offense', 'Uncle', 'Hustle'

View Profile

Matt Lucas

Distinct comedy with fantastic characters

30-40s - 'Pompidou', 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Little Britain',

View Profile

Merveille Lukeba

Very chilled, cool & youthful

Neutral/London teens-20s - 'Skins', 'Lewis', 'The Bill'. Fluent Congolese

View Profile

Susan Lynch

Cool, clever & characterful

Irish/RP 30s -'Happy Valley', 'Ambassadors', ‘Monroe’

View Profile

Andrew Macklin

Energetic, witty & wry

Irish 30s - 'Mr Selfridge', 'Jubilee Nurse', 'Fair City'

View Profile

Stuart Maconie

witty & clever

40s - 'Radcliffe and Maconie', 'Freak Zone'

View Profile

Iain Macrae

Sincere, relaxed & informative

Scottish 50s - 'Case Histories', 'River City', 'Para Handy'

View Profile

Anna Madeley

Soothing, friendly & engaging

20-30s - 'Code of a Killer', 'Mr Selfridge', 'Utopia'

View Profile

Danny Mahoney

Engaging, familiar & considered

American 20s - 'Other Desert Cities', 'Olive Green', 'Hugo'

View Profile

Bobby Mair

Quirky, playful & wry

Canadian 20s - 'Virtually Famous', 'Russell Howard's Good News', '8 Out of 10 Cats'

View Profile

Lyndsey Marshal

Soothing, warm & clear

NEW VOICE Northern 30s - 'From Darkness', 'Inside No.9', 'Rome'

View Profile

Martine McCutcheon

Distinct & full of charm

30s-'Echo Beach', 'Love Actually', 'Eastenders'

View Profile

Victor McGuire

Warm, personable everyman

NEW VOICE Liverpool 40-50s - 'The Last Kingdom', 'Trollied', 'Good Cop',

View Profile

Eleanor Matsuura

Elegant & alluring

20-30s - 'Cuffs', 'Spooks: The Greater Good', 'Utopia'

View Profile

Luisa Omielan

Fun, quirky & refreshing

20-30s - 'What Would Beyonce Do', 'All Over Your face', 'His n Hers'

View Profile

John Montgomery

Big hearted, traditional and dramatic

60s - 'The Moaning Life of Karl Pilkington'

View Profile

Wunmi Mosaku

Bright, playful & Engaging

NEW REEL Northern/Neutral 20s - 'Capital', 'In the Flesh', 'Dancing on the Edge'

View Profile

Hannah Murray

Natural, soft & calming

20s - 'Game of Thrones', 'God Help The Girl', 'Skins'

View Profile

Jenn Murray

Clear, reassuring & unique

Irish/RP 20s - 'Love & Friendship', 'Brooklyn', 'The Fades'

View Profile

Allan Mustafa

Friendly, laddish & believable

NEW REEL London 20s - 'People Just Do Nothing'

View Profile

Dean Nolan

Merry, companionable & entertaining

Cornish 30s - 'Tis Pitty She's a Whore', 'Year 7', Ashes to Ashes'

View Profile

Rory Nolan

Youthful, laidback & natural

Coventry teens-20s - 'The 20 Minute Film Pitch', 'Trollied', 'Rudy'

View Profile

Luke Norris

Laddy, husky & mellow

London 20-30s - 'Poldark', 'A View from the Bridge', 'Our World War'

View Profile

Brendan O’Hea

Confident, friendly & assured

Welsh 40s - 'Stella', 'Law & Order', 'Lead Balloon'

View Profile

Jonjo O’Neill

Warming, deep & captivating

NEW VOICE Irish 30s - 'Fortitude', 'The Fall', 'Band of Brothers'

View Profile

Max Olesker

Reassuring, likeable & characterful

NEW VOICE 20-30s - 'Max & Ivan', 'W1A', 'Badults'

View Profile

Andi Osho

Great comedy timing, effortless charm

30s - 'Super Shoppers', 'Uncle', ‘Psychoville’

View Profile

Cliff Parisi

Large, jolly & jaunty

London 40s - 'Plebs', 'Call the Midwife', ‘EastEnders’

View Profile

Tom Parry

Distinctive & familiar with playful comedy

Midlands 20-30s - 'Badults', 'PhoneShop', 'Miranda'

View Profile

Kali Peacock

Crisp, clear & friendly

30s - ‘The Inbetweeners’, ‘My Family’, ‘Finding Neverland’

View Profile

Wendi Peters

Friendly, Sympathetic & honest

Northern 40s - 'Britain's Best Bakery', ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Bad Girls’

View Profile

Carolyn Pickles

Cosy, elegant & story telling

NEW VOICE 40-60s - 'Broadchurch 2', 'Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows', 'The Land Girls'

View Profile